As and when the staff discover strong trends in fashion or interiors we share the ideas with the students. We thought you may like to see a typical visual exchange.We expect all our students to be aware in all areas of design.

photo 1 copy 2
Hand embroidery from cut fabric ‘thread’still on its raw base.Appliquéd onto a heavy lace and mesh ground.

photo 1 copy 3
Uniform but not standard shaped sequins stitched on to this garment to form regimented bands.Tom Ford.

photo 1
Chanel decorated trainers

photo 2 copy 3
Carefully selected base fabric to hold these hand embroidered motifs of scored sequin type modules
photo 2 copyphoto 3 copy
Self fabric bonded together to make simplified stylised flowers.

photo 2
Raw edged denim folded into box pleats with loose strip sequined detail to catch the light.
photo 3
Chanel open weave with raw edge fabric strips forming stylised flowers in relief

photo 4 copy 3

photo 4 copy
Heavy lace base with bonded transparent abstract shapes.
photo 4
Knitted base of varied texture decorated with hand embroidered flower motifs in wool.


Neutral patched knit with insert of colour and bold,manipulated detail
laser jacketdot
Embossed and laser cut leather to the left with a monotone print with an accent colour fabric.Featuring overall laser cut regular circles

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