Preparing for Open Day on Saturday June 6th 2015

This year, running alongside our fabulous exhibition of work from our graduating 3rd year students, we’ll have a ‘shop’ full of marvellous handcrafted items for sale.
The 2nd years have been busy printing,embroidering,patching,beading,knitting etc…and have produced a glittering array of desirable goodies.Get in there quick and buy before I do!
Watch this space for images and details of the items.

We’ve also put up a backdrop to this display.
A fascinating collection of samples made by the 1st yrs.
This’ll be exciting to view for prospective students,as they’ll have a wonderful overview of 1st,2nd and 3rd years work and they’ll be able to see what they could be up to if they sucessfully gain a place.

Here are some of the responses to the embroidery and print brief by the 1st yrs.



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