Next years final year student Rhian Beynon

Our students are so enterprising and adventurous.
In fact those are a couple of the attributes we look for at interview!

We are delighted for Rhian Beynon who is ,during the summer break, on a British Council textile programme in India.
Currently in Ahmedabad Rhian is travelling from Mumbai to Delhi.Next stop is Udaipur and Jodhpur.

Rhian says
We have a full packed programme, visiting fashion designers and companies, textile factories, universities, and we have lectures from textile and fashion designers!
We also have visited local artisans and learnt about their handicrafts!We met one artisan and only his family and 3 other families left in India create designs that way! We have also made cultural visits to temples etc, and visited slums etc

It’s Fantastic!!

We will keep you posted on Rhian’s progress,11121123_10153113701469195_970871313_n

as and when she can inform us of her progress.

Have a great time Rhian.
ps You may remember Rhian’s work from this post

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