Louisa has really enjoyed

her work experience in Cornwall with designer/ maker Poppy Treffry.

‘I chose to do some work experience with a well known local textiles artist, Poppy Treffry, who creates interiors, accessories and altogether quirky products.
It’s a great opportunity to develop an understanding for how a business in Cornwall works and creates designs based on our beautiful surrounds.

I have been welcomed into the team and helped with constructing, prepping and stock taking all the products.

Being in a working studio has opened my eyes to the importance of quality and design, but also to the amazing job in hand.

I have also been offered a job as a sales assistant in the job in St Ives, the joy of selling products that I have help to make is an amazing feeling, but its even better when you see how happy the products make the customers.

Poppy has created an amazing business and am so grateful for the opportunity she had given me’

Great experience Louisa. We look forward to hearing more when you start the 2nd year.


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