Anna enjoys weaving in Walcott.


Second year student Anna Lambert has been really enjoying her time with Katherine Fraser.
Read below of Anna’s experience.
Thanks Katherine for giving Anna this super opportunity

At the end of June I spent two weeks working with weaver Katherine Fraser in her shop on Walcott Street Bath.
It gave me a great insight into all aspects of her business from designing and weaving the fabric, to making products, ordering new stock, running workshops and taking bespoke orders.
It was lovely to work with cashmere and merino wool for a change and get lots of practice on the AVL Dobby Loom ready for next year. I also really enjoyed interacting with the customers who were intrigued by the loom and quite what I was doing as I stretched through the heddles to fix yet another broken thread!

The images record directly after making two 14 metre x 14inch warps and a cashmere and merino wool scarf which I helped weave.

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