Looking into the future

We love building networks at Bath School of Art and Design.

Past,present and future students are encouraged to share experiences and connect with each other,even in this case before they start.

Lauren McAleer will be joining us on BA Hons Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors in Sept.

Before she does she is travelling in Asia and currently she’s in Cambodia and lovin’ it.

While away we have suggested that Lauren records the colour,pattern and imagery she sees day to day.

She’ll be set up with fresh ideas for the drawing and colour exploration we tackle from week one of the course.
It will be a fabulous comparison and contrast to what she will be studying with us.

We look forward to more exciting images from Lauren.

11793187_10153155736022901_260766972_n 11798283_10153155736042901_552056379_n11780655_10153155736037901_1968419473_n

We are not jealous Lauren 😉


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