New York

On the course,here in Bath,UK we are very keen to expand our visual reference and each year we look at ways to explore and immerse ourselves in a foreign culture, land or cityscapes.

Visiting New York we experienced street life,cultural heritage,studio visits and talks,fashion,art galleries,museums and architectural gems.

Here is a snapshot of some of the visual reference.

The video records the moment Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabrielle began to play as I sat down in a cafe.
Bath to New York is 3,370 miles
Bath to Solsbury Hill is 4 miles!

IMG_2917 IMG_2930

IMG_2948 IMG_2916

IMG_3037 IMG_3030

IMG_2970 IMG_2978

IMG_2955 IMG_2977

IMG_2944 IMG_3004

IMG_2913 IMG_2912

IMG_3023 IMG_2922
IMG_3045 IMG_2988IMG_2990

IMG_3071 IMG_3077IMG_3074 IMG_3076


IMG_3072 IMG_3073


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