Japan Visit

One of the most exciting and much sort after foreign visits the School of Art and Design organise is to Japan.
Luckily for us one of our senior lecturers, and leader of MA Design:Fashion and Textiles,Tim Parry-Williams is fluent in Japanese.Tim has lived and worked in the country and has many contacts and links which he generously shares with us.

We visit studios and designers, we visit indigo dyers and kimono makers.We of course see the architecture,galleries and museums,fashions and the most exclusive shops and tearooms.

Everyone has always enjoyed themselves thoroughly and speak highly of the planning of the trip and the country itself.
50-shades_8565148793_o tokyo_8566162752_o

central-siberian-plateau-four-hours-later-i-looked-out-of-the-window-again-and-it-was-still-looking-like-this-as-we-were-traveling-at-558-mph-that-is-quite-some-acreage_8565193259_o flying-between-osaka-and-tokyo_8566137826_o



the-heaving-streets-of-tokyo_8566251234_o workers-playtime_8565124803_o

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