We could not let the year end

without a huge, HUGE congratulations to all the current students in their final year.

They’re working against all the odds to produce the very best design outcomes they possibly can

AND it is paying off

Well done and good luck for the coming year. We have every confidence in you

Bethany Miles

Ella Taylor
Hannah Wilson

Ade Woodgate Nichole Smitham

Olivia Dunn

Lucy Forbes Nadiyaa Jaffer

What better way…

What better way to recognise the end of one year and celebrate another?

Hats off to Level 5, the 2nd year, of the BA course.

They have known the old regime and truly missed the studio and the companionship.

However they have risen to the occasion, done their absolute best and continued to make work of distinction and quality.

Well done to you all. You’re all stars

Happy New Year to you all


Today the students should, by now, have returned safely home to celebrate, as best they can, the holiday season.

The staff are immensely proud of all the students and everything they have achieved this year.

Not just in terms of their work but in terms of their resilience and the thoughtfulness and consideration that they have shown to one another.

They have produced accomplished work, of an excellent standard and in the most trying of circumstance

They have believed in us and we have truly enjoyed working with them, we never once doubted their determination and desire to succeed.And this shows in their individual outcomes.

We so look forward to next year. First years -Thank you for being you.

Here is just a small selection…