We could not let the year end

without a huge, HUGE congratulations to all the current students in their final year.

They’re working against all the odds to produce the very best design outcomes they possibly can

AND it is paying off

Well done and good luck for the coming year. We have every confidence in you

Bethany Miles

Ella Taylor
Hannah Wilson

Ade Woodgate Nichole Smitham

Olivia Dunn

Lucy Forbes Nadiyaa Jaffer

How Proactive

and how positive.


Alumni Abby has picked up the challenge and decided to launch her own studio. Congratulations Abby


Engage with her new adventure http://:https://www.velvetroseprint.com/

and see the VELVET ROSE STUDIO Instagram https://www.instagram.com/velvetroseprint/?hl=en

Abby says…

Since leaving Bath Spa University, I have gained experience into the fashion & print world. I started off interning at a fashion label after I graduated in July 2019, then interned at a print studio where I moved into a print designer role.

Sadly, along with many others, I lost my job as a print designer early this year due to the coronavirus outbreak. It took me back as I felt I had only just begun my career, although in a bittersweet way, it sparked the idea to start my own business and print studio, Velvet Rose Print.

I started this journey in April, utilising all the experience and knowledge I had and put this into my business. I kept creating and making more prints every day, alongside getting ready to launch my website. All prints are available online to make purchasing easily accessible during this time.

Velvet Rose Print is a brand-new studio looking to make an exciting change to the fashion and print industry! Aspiring to create a multi-diverse range of prints to be able to expand into men’s and womenswear as well as onto accessories. Velvet Rose ensures all prints made are to be timeless with the outcome of these prints to live as long as possible.

We wish to expand and grow the team, always on the lookout for fresh and new talented print designers! 

I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar…

These Times and How We Maintained focus 

Jessica Westlake’s graduating project

From growing up in a small town in the south west, there wasn’t a large variety of job opportunities for young adults. I decided to work in bars and restaurants. The coast, not far away, was bustling  with more people than my small town, it was where I worked in a bar.

I enjoyed working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, as I gained  confidence from working in this environment.

Gaining confidence, I started working at a more sophisticated cocktail bar to build my experience and knowledge.

I Worked in the ‘Sunset Lounge’ cocktail bar.

I could visualise my knitwear displayed in this space, overlooking the coast, with the sunlight glistening beside my collection.

I want my designs and products to be fit for the  market which socialise in the cocktail bar scenes.


I want to explore the vibrant colours, shapes and lines of the citrus fruits I used in the cocktails because they demonstrate a fun colour palette which will be utilised within my collages and knitting.



Setting up. These Time-and How We Maintained Focus

Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors studying at Bath School of Design.

The students are really getting it together and setting up camp.

They are ready and willing to work.

Regular online tutorials and group meet-ups will support and encourage the students as we work through, and shine, in this most difficult of times


Tomorrow the feature will be their ‘outdoor’ studios.

Making the most of the fine weather and their gardens