The Garden at 2000 feet

These Times and How We Maintained Focus 
Sophia Bevan
Let’s dip into Sophia’s passion
‘The Garden at 2000ft’ features inspiration from The Eden Project as well as Marrakech, Morocco.
It has always been a dream of mine to visit Marrakech and soak up all the bohemian vibes and bright coloured tapestry.
However, since joining the TDFI course I have grown to distinguish that that ideology was not in my realm anymore.
Instead, upon arrival, Marrakech was much more than what you see on Pinterest.
The colours, composition and textures within the souks, mountains and general streets appealed to me most.

It is no surprise to anyone that I am inspired by nature.

It is what gets my creative juices flowing the most. It is the air we breathe and what makes me feel the most connected to the world we live in.
I have focussed on the plants and flowers that catch my eye within The Eden Project, Cornwall.
My first time visiting was in Summer 2019 and I was completely blown away.
A place purely based on regeneration is an amazing concept with biomes and contemporary gardens.
I was mostly drawn to the colour, shape, detail and uniqueness of the array.
Summer was the peak of blooms and I love to capture this with my love for photography which was passed down from my late Grandfather/professional photographer.

Capturing a still moment before they are gone is something that fascinates me entirely.

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My process always starts with drawing and painting then gets transformed into beautiful digital prints open for interiors and fashion.

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Highlight on a strong woman-Becky

These Times and How We Maintained focus
Becky Davies celebrates the strong female influences in her life. Past, present and future
The women in my life play a significant role in my journey and personality.
They’re the reason I’m the creative, hard-working gob shite that will happily be myself and not care what anyone thinks, so this is a thank you to them.
This is a celebration of the empowerment of women, showing women being their most authentic self.
This particular theme shows what being an empowering badass woman means to me, through illustrations of nude women in different scenarios whether that may be mopping floors in the kitchen, masturbating in their bedrooms or hanging out with friends.
I will also create motifs that will be created into prints showing women’s natural bodies, showing people that being natural in every possible state is beautiful.

Keep on telling us like it is, Becky!