Volunteering abroad

Final year student (Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors) Chanel Buckland, has taken the opportunity to share her volunteering experiences with students from across all years

Chanel has a wealth of ideas, tips and suggestions to make your contribution to this worthwhile cause a success.

On this occasion Chanel talked about her time in Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia.

These experiences have inspired her to complete her degree by using the images and drawings from her travels to inform her final project.


We visit Dutch Design Week 2017

Read about what the coloured building here

Eindhoven hosts Dutch Design Week every year in October.

It is full of the most exciting and exhilarating ideas surrounding design , sustainability and ways to think and do!

We look forward to it immensely and both staff and 2nd and 3rd year students leave feeling motivated and raring to go!

Here are a few of the exhibits we saw.

and here’s a link to some wonderful images that capture the spirit of the show very successfully

The 1st year’s enjoy a trip to the scrap store and come away laden with materials. Thank goodness we hired a coach with a huge boot.

Global Citizenship:Sarah Cluse

Sarah, collects her certificate after successfully completing her award.

We were delighted last evening to attend the Global Citizenship awards ceremony at the university’s Newton Park campus.

In the most beautiful surroundings Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors’s very own Sarah was presented with the award.

As part of her commitment to gaining the award Sarah enjoyed a period of study in Norway.
Sarah is enthusiastic about the scheme and encourages others to apply to be part of this enhancing experience.

Many many congratulations Sarah.

Artists Textiles

Link to show

Reflecting on one of the many exciting exhibitions, staged at the Fashion Museum London, that we managed to catch and respond to.

Wonderful pieces including these two Pipers.Loaded here especially for @panchoballard@alisonbianchi@brokenbiros.


Chiesa De la Salute Venice

These are two of 5 textiles designed by Piper in 1959 for Sanderson.IMG_8433.jpg


Northern Cathedral



and also by Piper but for David Whitehead Ltd 1954

Foliate Head