For the love of animals

The students on Bath’s BA Hons Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors course certainly adore animals and they love to use them for inspiration too.

Here are just a few of the lovely results we have had over the years from our caring students.

IMG_2236 DSC_7749

IMG_4997 IMG_4998

IMG_7665</a IMG_9868

Elephant,Reindeer, and 3D dog constructed using a rag rug technique- HANNAH SARGEANT


meets Rebecca!
Rebecca will graduate from Bath School of Art and Design’s BA Hons
Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors on Thursday.

What a week Rebecca!

Cambrian Mountains Wool Challenge with HRH Prince Charles yesterday at Nanteos Mansion, Aberystwyth.

Also featured in the photograph is an alumni of the MA Design:Fashion and Textiles Liz Clay.
How fabulous to see both courses represented!
This image shows Rebecca’s weave inspired by a college trip to Iceland

and although fuzzy this photograph shows Rebecca’s working space in the studio.

Lucky Nicole in the Construction Lab

Jane Bowler and Heather Ore run fantastic construction workshops.Nicole Lythcott, who graduates on Thursday from Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors at Bath School of Art and Design, was lucky enough to win a place last weekend.
Here you can see all the creative participants.How happy are you Nicole! (centre back)

See Nicole’s wonderful work here



Workshop Group

Sharing skills

How lucky we have been to welcome Carol James from the U.S.A
With her boundless enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge Carol introduced the 1st year students to ancient textile techniques.
Using available and found materials the students adapted what they had to construct replicas and developments of these wonderful skills.

photo 1photo 3s
Thank you Carol for your generous sharing of your craft.We enjoyed having you with us in the UK.

On display

and contributing to the feel good factor.
The work of the 1st years students made during their print and embroidery module.The work enhances the walls along the corridors in the department and inspires others to try new ideas and techniques.
Soon this will be replaced by the beautiful outcomes from their constructed module and these samples will give way to the work of the 3rd years as they conclude their degree.
Exciting times ahead.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3photo 2photo 3

Happy New Year from Textiles @ Bath School of Art and Design.

What a fabulous response to this site since the blog was born in MAY of this year. Thank you all for following our progress and adding such encouraging comments.We are so glad to have you onboard. Here’s a link to a Pinterest board which shows some of the beautiful work shared with you on this blog. We hope you enjoy it and find the work inspiring. We are always open to collaborations from across the world.If you have an idea then please run it by us. Have a creative and productive new year. With very best wishes from textiles@ Bath School of Art and Design