Aw, thank you

The graduating students from Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors go out on a high.

Shucks – thank you

‘Thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the studio-based learning environment which enabled me to build professional friendships and communicate with other students to inspire my own practise. Individual and small group tutorials was helpful in discussing my work in-depth and sharing ideas. I have learnt and gained valuable knowledge about this industry and I feel like it has prepared me for a career in textiles. My own practise has improved, and I have learnt lots of skills. Communication with tutors has always been excellent and they have always been easy to talk to and get hold of. The Sion Hill and Locksbrook campus have amazing facilities and it is great knowing we can use any of these workshops. You are not limited to just your practise and you can combine other creative skills taught to you in different specialisms’.

‘I love the sense of community the studio environment enables us to have. The staff are always eager to help and offer positive yet constructive feedback. I’ve loved being able to have the opportunity to talk to graduates, people in industry and tutors over google meet as it’s put my mind at ease about life after university; in fact, it’s made me more confident to graduate’.

‘Lots of enthusiasm by course leaders even in times of struggle (COVID). Good at giving motivational boosts when needed’.

‘Tutors and academic staff continue to work so hard to fight our corner when it comes to studio space/facilities access, in general but especially with regards to COVID-19, and making sure the restrictive measures do not impact us too much. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience of university and relish the professional support and relationships I have been able to form with my tutors and peers. Tutors are always happy to help with advice and links in support of my future career goals, and always act on the suggestions and requests of the cohort’.

‘Excellent workspace in the studio. Engaging and enthusiastic staff. Exciting projects’.

‘I have had positive feedback throughout my course on my practical work through first year and third year. Opportunities to sell and present our work helped click start our presence in the industry. Great live briefs opportunities help to get out work out’.