For the love of animals

The students on Bath’s BA Hons Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors course certainly adore animals and they love to use them for inspiration too.

Here are just a few of the lovely results we have had over the years from our caring students.

IMG_2236 DSC_7749

IMG_4997 IMG_4998

IMG_7665</a IMG_9868

Elephant,Reindeer, and 3D dog constructed using a rag rug technique- HANNAH SARGEANT

What’s my future?

We don’t exactly use a crystal ball but as the 2nd year students present their reflections on their progress the staff share their opinions, ideas, instinct and suggestions.
This review, of work produced so far this year, helps both student and staff to identify the student’s strengths as they move into the 3rd year.
We guide and help shape their future and help the individual to realise their dream.

They are ready, by the end of the academic year, to tackle their final year with confidence and passion.


Norway-day 1

It’s not THAT cold for day one of the International Week here at Volda University in Norway.

Really excited to be meeting with the other European Universities and strengthening our international cooperation and exchange programme
It’s always a positive move for our students to spend time living and working in other stimulating environments. We encourage students from across the world to join us too,here in the School of Art and Design in Bath UK, to experience our way of life and work ethic( yes, it is fascinating to other people!).Here’s to a stimulating time.

photo 1

photo 2.EXCITING.