and so the shop opens…

The products that the 2nd year students have been designing and making are now starting to be displayed in the studio shop ready to sell from tomorrow.
This is a trial run for when we exhibit at the BIG show…SITS Cheltenham in October.

Thanks to Anna,Harriet and Charlotte, the display team.

It will be exciting for us all….


What’s my future?

We don’t exactly use a crystal ball but as the 2nd year students present their reflections on their progress the staff share their opinions, ideas, instinct and suggestions.
This review, of work produced so far this year, helps both student and staff to identify the student’s strengths as they move into the 3rd year.
We guide and help shape their future and help the individual to realise their dream.

They are ready, by the end of the academic year, to tackle their final year with confidence and passion.


Bath School of Art and Design.The start of a new assignment for the 2nd years.

The greetings cards,wrapping paper,tags and ribbons brief is always eagerly waited.The 2nd year students appreciate this diversion from a typical textile brief.We are so lucky to be welcomed by a world renowned company into their studio and to hear first hand about the workings of international design organisation.