Here’s to a lively studio

The staff are looking forward to the return of our textile students and we are ready to welcome the new 1st year intake( who must be packing at this very minute!)

Soon the studios will be lively with drawing, colour, pattern and hard work!

3rd year studio space Louise Cresswell-SmalesEmbroidery Rebecca Robertson

IMG_3765photo 4

photo 1

Harriet Wall Grad 2011photo-9
Rebecca Robertson, Velvet Mitchumson,Louise Cresswell-Smales,Clara Kelly,Harriet Wall,Tabitha Cotteral,Bronwyn Jones

B is for Trend Bible

Today the show in Bath School of Art comes down and textiles moves on next week, to
NEW DESIGNERS in Islington.
This week we plan the show.

We will be exhibiting the work of some of our most creative talent either in person or digitally.

Fingers crossed we make it into the Trend Bible tour again.

We are on-trend after all.

Previously selected work by Joelle Preddy.

We hope to see you there.Come and say hello!

To begin the beginning

photo-43Before we start to even attempt a textile structure in the form of knit,weave,braid or macrame etc… we look for, and interpret,three dimensional influences.

The lead into this project was research into manmade constructions.

Once recorded the ideas took shape and over one or two days,unique forms emerged as individual students produced their own 3D referencing.
Surfaces,textures,structure,materials and form went head to head in the race for unique starting points.

This week the technical workshops begin with this information as the beginning of the beginning!

photo 1photo 2

photo 3photo 4