Day Trippers

Above: Oh! Who can ever be tired of Bath.



We took the tourist bus around Bath.

The first year induction included a ‘wheeled’ acclimatisation of the city.

We had no need to emphasise the wonderful world heritage sites but we did point out the fantastic shops, where graduation is held etc..and we also mentioned the night clubs in passing!


The 1st years push the boundaries with collage and drawing.
As a contrast to other given subject matter this term here the students tackle architecture and structure.This theme will inform their later module on construction.

Love the daring and free spirit of the pieces shown here.Keep up the brilliant work.

photo 5 copy 3.JPGphoto 4 copy 4.JPGphoto 2 copy 4.JPGphoto 1 copy 4.JPGphoto 3 copy 4.JPG

In Contrast

Using their explorations in mark making and taking,as a contrast to their previous subjects,the visual excitement of architecture the first years experiment with contrast of scale,imagery and sensation.They continue to expand their drawing and collage skills.IMG_5604.JPGIMG_5613.JPG.jpegIMG_5611.JPG.jpegIMG_5612.JPG.jpegIMG_5600.JPG