Working with Industry

We continue to work with industry to broaden the student experience.
Yesterday was no exception.
Work presented showed the depth and breadth of the wonderful textiles produced by the 3rd year TEXTILE DESIGN FOR FASHION AND INTERIORS STUDENTS
Here is a taste of the work that will be on show here, at Bath School of Art and Design, at beginning of June and again at New Designers at the end of June

1st year continue experimental drawing

Observation,drawing and interpretation is key to this module in the 1st year.Here the students suspend judgement and have a go!

photo 1

How confident are you?

photo 2

Beautifully seen imagery

photo 4

photo 4

Line that you make subconsciously is often very sensitive.

photo 1

Critique of the days work.

photo 5

Checking out the competition

photo 3photo 5

Now to take these forward and develop into print and/or embroidery

The Making Project

An ongoing brief for the 2nd years is a project centered around idea,design,making,product and sales.

The students will be selling their work from June 6th at Sion Hill for the duration of the degree shows.

Fingers crossed this will develop into sales beyond the school into showcases,festivals, fairs and eventually an online presence.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the prints.They are turning into fabulous outcomes.No wonder I am always skint!

photo 1photo 3

photo 2