We believe that a really good grasp and understanding of colour basics allows the student to realise and create their own colour identity.It’s then that the student starts to think ‘what if I…..’?
The rules begin to be broken and new and exciting trends start to emerge.
Not only do students gain confidence in their ability they also become independent, secure in the knowledge that, if they get lost, they can always go back to the beginning and reinvent.It’s a magical time.

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These images show the dye and wet print area in full experimental use by the degree students during the spring term.
The MA students are working over the summer months using all the facilities.
However staff still find time to prepare the rooms ready for the return of all the students in September.
Tables cleaned and prepared,dye ordered,screens prepared,equipment serviced,samples prepared everything spic and span ready for the modules to unfold.

IMG_5074 IMG_5076 IMG_5078 IMG_5075

Underground Painting

Alumni Tanya Fryer has completed the commission she gained while still a student at Bath School of Art and Design.Textile designer’s are so versatile!

Since graduating Tanya has been hard at work completing the piece and the painting is now successfully installed in Southgate Car Park -1 to -2 in Bath UK.


Many congratulations Tanya.That is a magnificent outcome.

…..and if you are quick today you can catch Tanya’s work here.