These images show the dye and wet print area in full experimental use by the degree students during the spring term.
The MA students are working over the summer months using all the facilities.
However staff still find time to prepare the rooms ready for the return of all the students in September.
Tables cleaned and prepared,dye ordered,screens prepared,equipment serviced,samples prepared everything spic and span ready for the modules to unfold.

IMG_5074 IMG_5076 IMG_5078 IMG_5075

Underground Painting

Alumni Tanya Fryer has completed the commission she gained while still a student at Bath School of Art and Design.Textile designer’s are so versatile!

Since graduating Tanya has been hard at work completing the piece and the painting is now successfully installed in Southgate Car Park -1 to -2 in Bath UK.


Many congratulations Tanya.That is a magnificent outcome.

…..and if you are quick today you can catch Tanya’s work here.

Sweet Rie.

embroidery artist
(Rie Suzuki on the right)

Born in Yamagata, Japan, in 1984

She studied textile design at Bath school of Art and Design.
Especially practiced embroidery
which is not just decoration but also manipulation for fashion fabric.
After graduated from art school,
I had worked as an assistant textile designer at Issey Miyake for 7 months.
Now, I am working as embroidery designer with different kind of materials in Japan.

PATTERIE is combined word with patter(n) and Rie which is my name.
PATTERIE sounds like fall off with surprise or good news,
so I hope people would like to sleep down with joy to see and have my stuff.

Catching up with the truly lovely Rie Suzuki
Rie is showing her beautiful and sensitive embroidery.
Here you see her in her pop up shop.Every success Rie.

Rie will have a show in BARCELONA in Sept.Watch this space for more images

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Well it is for Bath School of Art and Design’s textile alumni Sara Gifford.
Sara is busy working in the team producing and conjuring up the magic for seasonal display at Harrods.
Sara says…
I’m a Visual merchandiser in the home department in Harrods, we create 90% of the in-store schemes and work alongside brands that have their own brand handwriting.

I would say Christmas is my favourite season.I love to create a magical space for all ages

We do have a very significant amount of say in all aspects of vm, from research, concept and delivery.
Eventually I would like to go into home styling for magazines or catalogs and further down the line to have my own business.

We can’t see why not Sara.You were an extremely capable and creative student and nothing has changed!

Keep in touch Sara with updates please.We love to see your practice.



Before we finish let’s look at the start.

Over the summer we look at how we will improve and amend the project briefs.
Drawing and colour are the first topics for the new intake of 1st year students in October in Bath UK
Looking over the module we check to see that we are meeting the outcomes and that the learning is successful,measurable and put into immediate practice.

We have a so many new ideas on how to develop but as you can see we can’t squeeze much more in!.

We know it was well received and by the look on the students faces it was quite often fun!

Everyone is looking forward to another autumn awash with colour at the School of Art and Design