Sharing skills

How lucky we have been to welcome Carol James from the U.S.A
With her boundless enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge Carol introduced the 1st year students to ancient textile techniques.
Using available and found materials the students adapted what they had to construct replicas and developments of these wonderful skills.

photo 1photo 3s
Thank you Carol for your generous sharing of your craft.We enjoyed having you with us in the UK.

To begin the beginning

photo-43Before we start to even attempt a textile structure in the form of knit,weave,braid or macrame etc… we look for, and interpret,three dimensional influences.

The lead into this project was research into manmade constructions.

Once recorded the ideas took shape and over one or two days,unique forms emerged as individual students produced their own 3D referencing.
Surfaces,textures,structure,materials and form went head to head in the race for unique starting points.

This week the technical workshops begin with this information as the beginning of the beginning!

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