The visual reference for their verbal presentations.

The third year students discuss with staff, and each other, the decisions they’ve made regarding their first project of the new academic year.
Here they’re pictured with the visual prompts they put together over the summer.
Now let the fun begin.We’re looking forward to fabulous outcomes

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

The city of Bath UK ,so many reasons to come here.

So much to see and do beyond university.

What are your plans while you are here?

Fashion Museum
Fashion Museum.

Underground Painting

Alumni Tanya Fryer has completed the commission she gained while still a student at Bath School of Art and Design.Textile designer’s are so versatile!

Since graduating Tanya has been hard at work completing the piece and the painting is now successfully installed in Southgate Car Park -1 to -2 in Bath UK.


Many congratulations Tanya.That is a magnificent outcome.

…..and if you are quick today you can catch Tanya’s work here.

Pattern City

Rock City by Jenny Sutton

photo-8 Circus City by Louisa Bonner

The 1st year students are enjoying the challenge of designing their own cities.Taking inspiration from local and found architecture the students are identifying their favourite styles, textures,shape and form and using all this information in a variety of scales to make pattern cities.
We want to live in so many of them but we will love the fabrics produced just as much

Landscape on to cardboard

sophie o

Sophie-Anne O connelle


These beautiful images of everyday landscape were recorded by Sophie -Anne O’Connell onto found card.Each image explores a different aspect of what could be termed as conventional scenes and each from a unique view point or perspective.
Sophie developed these ideas further by translating the imagery and retaining the colour palette into flowing printed scarves and shawls.