Outside/Inside Tent


In 2013, as part of our ongoing commitment to showing exceptional work to a greater audience, we took student work to TENT, in Brick lane,which is part of London Design Festival.
Everyone benefited greatly from the exposure and enjoyed showing,and talking about, their work.
Engaging with the public and rubbing shoulders with professional, established designers helps the recent graduate to gain confidence and bolsters a pride in their work.
All good stuff.

New Drawing

We are looking forward to seeing the new drawing, produced by the incoming 1st yrs, in response to the brief set over the holidays.
The images show work produced for interview or undertaken once the student was established in university.Each student is advised individually on how to achieve the very best results based on their own very unique style of working to design.


The beautiful work of Tabitha Cottrell


Graduate Tabitha Cottrell always displayed her ideas and inspiration in an inspiring way in her studio space and she didn’t disappoint when it came to displaying her work in the end of year show. Here is an image of the backdrop to her handmade animals.

You can see a little hedgehog in this photograph