Japan Visit

One of the most exciting and much sort after foreign visits the School of Art and Design organise is to Japan.
Luckily for us one of our senior lecturers, and leader of MA Design:Fashion and Textiles,Tim Parry-Williams is fluent in Japanese.Tim has lived and worked in the country and has many contacts and links which he generously shares with us.

We visit studios and designers, we visit indigo dyers and kimono makers.We of course see the architecture,galleries and museums,fashions and the most exclusive shops and tearooms.

Everyone has always enjoyed themselves thoroughly and speak highly of the planning of the trip and the country itself.
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Sweet Rie.

embroidery artist
(Rie Suzuki on the right)

Born in Yamagata, Japan, in 1984

She studied textile design at Bath school of Art and Design.
Especially practiced embroidery
which is not just decoration but also manipulation for fashion fabric.
After graduated from art school,
I had worked as an assistant textile designer at Issey Miyake for 7 months.
Now, I am working as embroidery designer with different kind of materials in Japan.

PATTERIE is combined word with patter(n) and Rie which is my name.
PATTERIE sounds like fall off with surprise or good news,
so I hope people would like to sleep down with joy to see and have my stuff.

Catching up with the truly lovely Rie Suzuki
Rie is showing her beautiful and sensitive embroidery.
Here you see her in her pop up shop.Every success Rie.

Rie will have a show in BARCELONA in Sept.Watch this space for more images



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Rebecca Garforth

What a joyful little print!.
Taking Peru as her influence Rebecca has printed and delicately embroidered an array of wonderful textiles.

Fabulous items, designed and made by all of our 2nd year students will be on sale for the duration of the end of year show starting on June 6th.You heard this here first.Join the queue!

Watch this space for a preview of the work which will be on sale here at Bath Uk.