Preparing for Selvedge Christmas Fair

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We are delighted to welcome back Penny Jeffries.
Penny graduated this year and is taking the opportunity to sign up to the alumni scheme which allows use of the facilities.

Penny is busy preparing for Selvedge Christmas Fair on the 3-4 December 2015 in Chelsea.We know the work will be fabulous Penny and can’t wait to see the results.
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Alumni Chloe

How exciting to see one of Chloe’s hand drawn designs make it onto 15 Boden garments,including this favourite of her’s, a pencil skirt.

Do you remember this design by Chloe from the blog post in October last year ?

Chloe Studd was a fabulous student now she is making an equally wonderful designer.We are really thrilled for you Chloe.

chloe print

How Boden turned trendy.