Woodhouse and Law

We’ve just had the images through from the PV at Woodhouse and Law.

We are still smiling.We had a great time.

Same place, same time, next year but with another exciting batch of work and a new group of talented designers.
Could you be one of them ?

image -008 Nick Woodhouse + John Law + Amanda goode + Hugh sandes
Woodhouse and Law http://woodhouseandlaw.co.uk
Amanda Goode,Course Leader http://artdesign.bathspa.ac.uk/courses/ba-textile-design-for-fashion-and-interiors/

image -010 Charli Thomas
Charlotte Thomas

image -001 Annie Louise James
Annie James

image -002 Tanya fryer
Tanya Fryer

image -004 Rosie smith
Rosie Smith

image -009
Lucy Bean

Penny Jeffries Screen Print
One of the fabrics designed by the winner of the Woodhouse and Law award Penny Jeffries