What a great experience exploring Iceland (2014) was and what an influence the pattern,colour,texture and architecture had on the student’s work.

Well before we left the UK we collaborated on major projects with Drexel University students in the USA.
We emailed, we text,we phoned, we skyped,we communicated and we worked together on the joint projects.
Eventually we all flew into Iceland and confirmed our friendship.
Once there we came together to finalise the filming and celebrate our relationship by visiting Reykjavik Fashion Week.

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Much admired

This years graduate Rebecca Connolly’s weaves were very much admired at New Designers in Islington.
Here recorded are experimental double cloth flooring weight fabrics woven from Shetland wool. The motif disintegrates or morphs gradually.

This weekend Rebecca will be showing her work in Aberystwyth

Keep up with Rebecca here


One of the most satisfying and rewarding trips last year was the study visit to Iceland.Our school collaborated on a joint project with Drexel University USA and we together developed skills offered by both organisations.We shared knowledge in textiles,photography,printmaking,marketing and styling.

Every year we travel and encourage exchange and collaboration.

looking forward to sharing with you our experiences in Japan,Paris,Eindhoven,Poland etc… over the coming weeks.