Locksbrook and Sion Hill:Grids and Checks

To celebrate the next exciting phase in the life of Bath School of Art and Design the 3rd year Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors have been taking inspiration, for their work, from the iconic Herman Miller building on Locksbrook Road, Bath.The history of our Sion Hill campus has proved to be a rich source of inspiration to our students too and they have arrived at some innovative and exciting results.

Kara Ashdown


Kara is working away on her calm and quiet floral prints.Perfect for interior spaces in commercial or domestic environments.Each print has an individual mood but work beautifully as a collection.

We are so looking forward to seeing all her printed outcomes on display at the final year show.

See more of Kara’s work here



It’s a real honour be be involved with the 3rd year and their wonderful textile outcomes.

Lotte is hard at work turning her cityscapes into fascinating textile pieces.She is working a strong colour palette with a considered drawing style.

Each student has a unique and innovative style.Here we see Lotte in her studio

Catch up with Lotte’s progress here

Private View at Woodhouse and Law

We had a marvellous time last evening at the Woodhouse and Law/Bath School of Art collaboration.

The opening of the textile show, featuring the work of six soon to graduate students, was fabulously received.
Nick and John were generous hosts and made everyone feel most welcome and relaxed.The wine flowed and contacts and ‘friends of textiles’ developed.

Thank you too to Penny Hopkins for ensuring the evening ran smoothly and that the conversation was stimulating and engaging.

The show is on for another two weeks.

If you miss this then come along to the School of Art to see all the departments degree shows.It’s an event not to miss.
Details to the right.
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On display

and contributing to the feel good factor.
The work of the 1st years students made during their print and embroidery module.The work enhances the walls along the corridors in the department and inspires others to try new ideas and techniques.
Soon this will be replaced by the beautiful outcomes from their constructed module and these samples will give way to the work of the 3rd years as they conclude their degree.
Exciting times ahead.

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