Woodhouse and Law

We’ve just had the images through from the PV at Woodhouse and Law.

We are still smiling.We had a great time.

Same place, same time, next year but with another exciting batch of work and a new group of talented designers.
Could you be one of them ?

image -008 Nick Woodhouse + John Law + Amanda goode + Hugh sandes
Woodhouse and Law http://woodhouseandlaw.co.uk
Amanda Goode,Course Leader http://artdesign.bathspa.ac.uk/courses/ba-textile-design-for-fashion-and-interiors/

image -010 Charli Thomas
Charlotte Thomas

image -001 Annie Louise James
Annie James

image -002 Tanya fryer
Tanya Fryer

image -004 Rosie smith
Rosie Smith

image -009
Lucy Bean

Penny Jeffries Screen Print
One of the fabrics designed by the winner of the Woodhouse and Law award Penny Jeffries

Woodhouse and Law

We are starting to hang the show!photo-69

The ‘work in progress’show highlights print,weave,embroidery and laser from six, soon to graduate students from Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors at Bath School of Art and Design.

We are delighted to be working and collaborating with Nick and John from http://woodhouseandlaw.co.uk
We are on the case all day today.Watch this space for opening details.

Best Kept Secret

Here we see Tim tucked away in one of our best kept secrets;the wonderful plastics workshop. Full of colour,materials and exciting equipment this area sees some of the most incredible outcomes.
Every department uses this space to create responses to their ideas and concepts.
Watch this blog to see a fascinating textile outcome revealed next month.

Our next open day will be on June 6th,when you will be able to see the workshops and degree shows for yourself.
Come along if you can.You are more than welcome.