India: What a fantastic experience (part two)

Third year student Rhian Beynon is having the most wonderful experiences and making fabulous memories while out in India.

Everyday Rhian is learning new skills, and tradition methods, in textile process.Selected by the British Council Rhian is throughly enjoying this extensive textile programme.
This is such a great start to her 3rd year.
We’re excited to she how all those new skills will be developed and shared in the Autumn.We can’t wait to hear and see the results.

Rhian says “We got a chance to try block printing in jodhpur which was great. They only use natural dyes and some of the blocks were over 500 years old! Such a great experience!
They block print about 25 saris a day each! Such talented people”


Part 1

Rebecca Garforth

What a joyful little print!.
Taking Peru as her influence Rebecca has printed and delicately embroidered an array of wonderful textiles.

Fabulous items, designed and made by all of our 2nd year students will be on sale for the duration of the end of year show starting on June 6th.You heard this here first.Join the queue!

Watch this space for a preview of the work which will be on sale here at Bath Uk.


Landscape on to cardboard

sophie o

Sophie-Anne O connelle


These beautiful images of everyday landscape were recorded by Sophie -Anne O’Connell onto found card.Each image explores a different aspect of what could be termed as conventional scenes and each from a unique view point or perspective.
Sophie developed these ideas further by translating the imagery and retaining the colour palette into flowing printed scarves and shawls.