Strong research from the 2nd yrs

Working to industry briefs plays a large part in making the 2nd year, here on the Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors course, so very successful.

We are always excited to see such strong research work and such fantastic potential for the future.

Here we see the investigations that will inform their Hallmark brief

The students enjoy and really appreciate working with this company



We believe that a really good grasp and understanding of colour basics allows the student to realise and create their own colour identity.It’s then that the student starts to think ‘what if I…..’?
The rules begin to be broken and new and exciting trends start to emerge.
Not only do students gain confidence in their ability they also become independent, secure in the knowledge that, if they get lost, they can always go back to the beginning and reinvent.It’s a magical time.

IMG_4889 IMG_4901 IMG_4912 IMG_4900 IMG_4907 IMG_4911 IMG_4902

and the 1st years are racing ahead.They’re going to be a great year!.

IMG_4743 IMG_4745 IMG_4748 IMG_4749 IMG_4750 IMG_4751

Initial drawing from around the 1st yr studio reveal some spirited paintings of buffalo,clever and informed mark making and exciting interpretation of dolls.Everything to play for!

It’s not all work,work,work in the studio though.They do find time,on this beautiful day, to enjoy a picnic together and make new friends.

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Two very different ways to address print

maddi Abi
Maddie                                                                      Abbi

Take two designers and one floral project and what do you get ?
A myriad of interpretations and ideas.

Here Maddie aims for an exotic ,sensual fashion print while Abbi aims for a cool as concrete surface for walls.