Hugh Sanders
on brevity
UNDEGUN 21.11.15-14.12.15
Regent Street,Wrexham, LL11 1SG

Preparing for the opening of the show.

Everyone contributing and inputting into the course here at Bath School of Art and Design is a practising artist or designer.The skills,techniques and concepts the students are introduced to are varied, wide ranging and designed to make them think and question their place and ambition in the world in which they are engaged.

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Hugh’s exhibition opens tomorrow evening and is showing until the 14 December.

Plan to see it if you can.It’s mightily impressive

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The visual reference for their verbal presentations.

The third year students discuss with staff, and each other, the decisions they’ve made regarding their first project of the new academic year.
Here they’re pictured with the visual prompts they put together over the summer.
Now let the fun begin.We’re looking forward to fabulous outcomes

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