Milly Sandy

1st year Milly has had the most fantastic time contributing to studio life at

They made her feel most welcome and she settled in quickly to the life and pace of a working design studio.

While she was there she worked with the team on an article, by the studio, for the forecasting ‘bible’ Textile View magazine and sold a print in Paris to a Brazillian fashion company.

She is definitely one to watch!

Erasmus Exchange/Norway

Catching up with Sarah.

We knew Sarah would love this lifestyle and way of working. We’re delighted to hear the exchange is going so well.
Working with others from around the world Sarah is contributing to a broad and varied programme run by Volda University.
Situated in a magnificent setting the university offers extracurricular like no other and Sarah is taking full advantage of that.

I am having such a wonderful time, I’m involved with a big group of friends from all over and we are planning trips! We have just come back from Trolltunga and we’re off to Oslo soon! I have seen the northern lights, and did you see the blood moon the other day? I am just constantly hiking or sewing, which is just perfect.

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Two opinions

photo-16Gathering in the work produced by the 1st yrs. It’s fascinating to see totally different ways to explore colour.Here are two examples,each exciting in their own right. We have been lucky enough to have been joined by students from the Idea, Material and Object(3D Design)course. They have benefitted from exploring drawing and colour alongside textile students and the textile students have gained by looking at projects through different eyes.Win,win! After Christmas we translate this research into printed,embroidered or constructed outcomes. Keep an eye on this site to be the first to see the imaginative and innovative responses to this initial research. photo-17

Bath School of Art and Design.The start of a new assignment for the 2nd years.

The greetings cards,wrapping paper,tags and ribbons brief is always eagerly waited.The 2nd year students appreciate this diversion from a typical textile brief.We are so lucky to be welcomed by a world renowned company into their studio and to hear first hand about the workings of international design organisation.


New Drawing

We are looking forward to seeing the new drawing, produced by the incoming 1st yrs, in response to the brief set over the holidays.
The images show work produced for interview or undertaken once the student was established in university.Each student is advised individually on how to achieve the very best results based on their own very unique style of working to design.