Starting Today: These Times


In light of the world pandemic Bath School of Design are undertaking immediate steps to ensure that, although working remotely, our design students are engaged, focussed and supported in their studies.

From now, until this situation rights itself, and we are able to interact socially, we’ll be dedicating the blog to how our Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors students are coping and making the very best of what they have.

Of course, they’re some of the most creative people around, what else would you expect ?

This first blog post celebrates how, within 6 days, they travelled home, some across the world, and set up studio immediately, ready to throw themselves back into work and start creating immediately

We salute you. You tenacious, talented people.


New York

On the course,here in Bath,UK we are very keen to expand our visual reference and each year we look at ways to explore and immerse ourselves in a foreign culture, land or cityscapes.

Visiting New York we experienced street life,cultural heritage,studio visits and talks,fashion,art galleries,museums and architectural gems.

Here is a snapshot of some of the visual reference.

The video records the moment Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabrielle began to play as I sat down in a cafe.
Bath to New York is 3,370 miles
Bath to Solsbury Hill is 4 miles!

IMG_2917 IMG_2930

IMG_2948 IMG_2916

IMG_3037 IMG_3030

IMG_2970 IMG_2978

IMG_2955 IMG_2977

IMG_2944 IMG_3004

IMG_2913 IMG_2912

IMG_3023 IMG_2922
IMG_3045 IMG_2988IMG_2990

IMG_3071 IMG_3077IMG_3074 IMG_3076


IMG_3072 IMG_3073