At the same time…

as developing their colour appreciation the first year students consider their approach to drawing and recording for design.

Observing and working from their chosen objects the students experiment with new ways of creating and working with motif,line,texture,scale and mood.

It’s really fascinating and rewarding to nurture and develop student’s natural ability and to see them blossom as they discover, and confidently embrace, new methods of working and processing.
Tomorrow a look at the outcomes when drawing and colour meet together.

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Hello and welcome to Jayne

We are always delighted to welcome new staff to the School of Art and Design and particularly to our course.
Yesterday was the first day for our new embroidery technician and demonstrator Jayne Goulding.

Jayne is skilled in both hand and machine embroidery with a particular interest in ZSK stitch.Jayne’s skills are translated into both fashion and interiors.
Please watch this space for an exciting commission.Fingers crossed.

Click here to be taken to Jayne’s site

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 13.45.52 IMG_0002 Jayne's work as displayed at PremierVision with Texprint.
Jayne’s work as displayed at PremierVision in Paris with Texprint.