Erasmus Exchange/Norway

Catching up with Sarah.

We knew Sarah would love this lifestyle and way of working. We’re delighted to hear the exchange is going so well.
Working with others from around the world Sarah is contributing to a broad and varied programme run by Volda University.
Situated in a magnificent setting the university offers extracurricular like no other and Sarah is taking full advantage of that.

I am having such a wonderful time, I’m involved with a big group of friends from all over and we are planning trips! We have just come back from Trolltunga and we’re off to Oslo soon! I have seen the northern lights, and did you see the blood moon the other day? I am just constantly hiking or sewing, which is just perfect.

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Preparing for an exciting visit to Norway

Soon I will on my way to create stronger links with one of partner Universities.

We have some exception contacts who are very welcoming and accommodating.

This time last year we visited Poland and had very sucessful meetings concerning collaborations and exchange.This year we are off to the west coast of Norway.

We will be engaged in exchange of ideas, concepts and future thinking.We will then make it all happen! Students watch this space.