Establishing Studios: These Times


Yesterday we started our record of how Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors students were coping with the unique situation we find ourselves in.

Now working remotely they have set up studio’s wherever they are situated around the world.

The creative spaces, have put together so quickly, are a testament to their desire to carry on creating.

Tomorrow we have the third collection of student’s images and the 4th post will be guess which staff’s studio this is!

Starting Today: These Times


In light of the world pandemic Bath School of Design are undertaking immediate steps to ensure that, although working remotely, our design students are engaged, focussed and supported in their studies.

From now, until this situation rights itself, and we are able to interact socially, we’ll be dedicating the blog to how our Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors students are coping and making the very best of what they have.

Of course, they’re some of the most creative people around, what else would you expect ?

This first blog post celebrates how, within 6 days, they travelled home, some across the world, and set up studio immediately, ready to throw themselves back into work and start creating immediately

We salute you. You tenacious, talented people.


Joe in Vogue

Whether printing or embroidering in our workshops,sharing good practice with students in the lecture theatre or discussing design on the hoof we regularly catch up with Joe at the School of Art and Design.We love his energy,commitment and enthusiasm.We don’t mind being distracted by this whirlwind!
Thrilled to see you in bed in February’s Vogue Joe.We knew you never slept 😉


Badgers of Bohemia

Badgers of Bohemia

Alumni:Emily Cant

Emily has bulidt up a creative and innovative studio – Badgers of Bohemia.Click the image to link to Emily’s site.

House of Hackney snapped Emily’s design work up at New Designers and her work filled a section of Liberty.Since then Emily has had a feature window in Heals in London.

Emily’s work is seen here styled, in Italian Vogue – Migration season
From Surreal Fashion. Designer: Negar Bahardoust/Queen of the Wild