Where we are at:Bath Christmas Market


The 3rd year students are busy preparing to have a fantastic week selling their products at Bath Chrismas Market

They’ve been making the most beautiful items ranging from cards, to bags to accessories to fabrics to ………

They will be really happy to chat about their work and the course they are studying.

We’ll be there between Monday 4th December- Sunday 10th December.

Add it to your diary now!

Day Trippers

Above: Oh! Who can ever be tired of Bath.



We took the tourist bus around Bath.

The first year induction included a ‘wheeled’ acclimatisation of the city.

We had no need to emphasise the wonderful world heritage sites but we did point out the fantastic shops, where graduation is held etc..and we also mentioned the night clubs in passing!

 Into the city 

We went into the city of Bath yesterday, with the first year students. Just to show them the ropes and help them get acclimatised.

We came across the work of one of last years first year students displayed and on sale in one of the city’s stores

Cinda’s  roses.

Wallpaper by Lucinda Rogers.